Another painting job.

  The preparation is the hardest part. If the prep isn’t done right, anything done later won’t help.     And after the prep and painting. It not only looks good you know it will last.

How to paint old Kitchen cupboard doors

This tip explains how to paint your old kitchen cupboard doors or bathroom vanity unit doors. DO IT YOURSELF Paint your old kitchen cupboard doors or bathroom vanity unit doors. They will look like new! This includes old Timber doors that are in good condition. (remember if the doors are dented, cracked or split this will Read More…

How to hang a painting on a wall

This great tip explains how to hang a framed painting on a wall but the same instructions can be used to hang a framed photograph or mirror. It’s not hard, just follow these easy steps There are two types of walls.. Solid and Hollow walls. Hanging on a Hollow Wall Hollow walls are usually 12mm (1/2 inch) thick Read More…

House Painting | Goondiwindi

This great “Old Charmer” at Goondiwindi was quite a challenge. Both inside and out was painted after the house was cut in half and moved from in town out to this property. I won’t mention the 28 Sash Windows.

Exterior House Painting Guide

Preparation for exterior house painting; Preparation is very, very important. Do not take shortcuts with this step. Look for defects, fill any holes, sand any rough areas, and wash the area you are going to paint. If there is mould present make sure you use a cleaning product that will kill and remove it. If Read More…

Wall Painting

How about this wall (below) that I painted! The white right hand wall is the wall that I painted. A friend of a friend painted the mural of the beach and water. Doesn’t it look great.

House Painting & Deck

The property below was repainted and had the White Timber Slats added to the Gables which is a great feature. The same property with the New Front Deck that runs from the front gate to the Entry door and across the front of the house also. There is another angle to this further down.