How to paint old Kitchen cupboard doors

This tip explains how to paint your old kitchen cupboard doors or bathroom vanity unit doors.


How to paint old cupboard doorsPaint your old kitchen cupboard doors or bathroom vanity unit doors.

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They will look like new! This includes old Timber doors that are in good condition. (remember if the doors are dented, cracked or split this will show up after you have painted so make sure they are in GOOD condition 1st.)

Just follow these steps and use the correct products, its almost foolproof.

Use Tile or Laminate paint (and Primer) for superior results.

Firstly you should select the colour you want to use on your project, then calculate how much paint you will need (measure the doors width and height, multiply the two measurements together, do this with all your doors and total up, this will tell you how many square metres (or square feet) you need to paint. Most Paints will cover 14 to 16 square metres per litre;  This is how much Primer you will need.

Multiply this by two (for two coats) this is how much Tile/Laminate Paint you will need.

Then go to your local hardware or paint supplier.

You MUST use the Primer or undercoat recommended for the “Tile/Laminate Paint“.  Get the Paint tinted to your colour choice.

I would suggest you also buy a good quality 75mm (3-inch) brush, a bottle of Turpentine, plus some fine sandpaper.

Ideally, the best method is to remove the doors from the cupboard, remove the hinges and handles, and then thoroughly wash the doors. Use Sugar soap for the first wash, then diluted bleach for the second wash. Pay particular attention to the area around where the handles fit. When dry, lightly sand the doors with fine grade sandpaper.

I cannot stress this point enough – Preparation is the key to doing the job correctly.

Wash the doors thoroughly!  LIGHTLY sand the doors carefully and diligently.

The edes of the doors are as important as the faces!

If the doors are not prepared properly, the paint will not stick.

How to paint old cupboard doorsYou can use a Roller to paint the face of the doors but unless you have experience with a roller stick to using a brush.

If you lay the doors on two pieces of timber with some newspaper underneath to catch any drops this will let you paint the edges and one face. Make sure when painting the edges, that you do not overload the brush with paint. Too much paint will spread to the inside of the door.

Starting with the edges, apply the Primer using firm even strokes; do not overload the brush with paint. A thin coat is best. Take your time, and then prime the face of the door using firm even strokes. Start at the top left side of the door and paint across and down until finished.

Imagine you are painting a series of crosses on the door; just keep painting crosses until the door is finished. When dry turn over and Prime coat the inside of the door.

When dry follow the same procedure with the Tile/Laminate Paint. Do the edges first, then the face, then the inside last. Remember that you must allow drying time between coats.

If you use a “Foam” roller, again do not overload the roller with paint, use nice easy strokes in a skinny “W” pattern.

Take your time. Slow and steady will give a good result.

When finished, rehang your “New” doors.

Stand back and congratulate yourself.

Hey, that wasn’t so bad was it?  Remember that practice makes perfect.

Handy Hint – How to paint old cupboard doors provided by Maroochydore Handyman

If the job looks a bit tough, do not hesitate to contact us.

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