How to hang a painting on a wall

This great tip explains how to hang a framed painting on a wall but the same instructions can be used to hang a framed photograph or mirror.

It’s not hard, just follow these easy steps

There are two types of walls.. Solid and Hollow walls.

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Hanging on a Hollow Wall

Hollow walls are usually 12mm (1/2 inch) thick plasterboard (Gyprock)fixed onto a timber frame. Can also be a Timber panel wall on a timber frame.

There are two steps to successfully hang your picture.  The first step is to hold your picture against the wall in the spot you want it.  Mark the wall where the centre top of your picture is with a lead pencil.

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Then, using a tape measure, support the picture, using the tape measure, so you can measure the distance from the top of your picture to where the hanging wire is when it’s supported.

Then measure this distance down from your mark on the wall and you have the spot for your picture hook.

Gyprock or Drywalls are hollow unless you are lucky enough to find a stud where you have decided to hang your picture.  If you can locate a stud, it is the easiest way to do the job.

You can use a “Stud” finder or you can “Tap” on the wall using your knuckles until you hear the solid thunk of a stud.  The area where there is no stud sounds hollow when you tap on the wall.  This method is a bit hit and miss.  You might put your nail into the centre of the stud but then again you might just snag the edge and not really get the safe grip and it could fall at any time.

A stud finder will locate the edges of the stud, which enables you to put your nail into the centre of the stud.  Much safer.

If the position of your picture is not in line with a stud, you can use a Toggle Bolt or an Expanding Toggle.  You can find several types at your local hardware store.  You simply follow the directions on the pack.

How to hang a painting on a wallDrill a hole, insert the toggle and tighten up with a screwdriver. There are many different types of hooks available that are suitable for use with toggle bolts.



For very light pictures, you can use “Picture hooks” which are available in your local Hardware store.  These simply allow you to hammer a small nail into the Gyprock at an angle and work quite well.

Hanging on a Solid Wall

A solid wall can be Concrete, Brick or Concrete Block.

After marking where you want to hang your picture (from instructions above), you need to drill a hole using a Masonry Drill Bit.  If you have a Hammer drill, it will be a little easier.  However if not, you can still go ahead and drill.

The drill bit size and the plastic plug that will go into the hole must be the same size.  For most pictures, a 6mm drill bit with one 6mm plug will be ample.  Heavier or larger pictures might need two plugs.

If you have a large heavy picture, use two plugs spaced as per the following diagram.  If hanging a really heavy Mirror, use an 8mm Drill bit with 2, 8mm plugs and large picture hooks screwed into these.

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Your local Hardware store has a variety of Hooks you can screw into the plugs in your wall to suit anything you wish to hang.

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