How to Hang a Timber Door

The task of hanging a door can take up to an hour depending on your situation.  Firstly there are a couple of differences between hanging an Exterior door compared to an Interior door.

For Exterior doors, which are usually 40mm (1&9/16th inch) use 3, 100mm (4 inch) good quality hinges and make sure the bottom edge of the door is primed and painted immediately it is hung.

Interior doors, usually 35mm (1&3/8th inch) which are mainly Hollowcore, can be hung with 2, 75mm (3 inch) hinges. The bottom edges should also be primed and painted to prevent moisture from condensation and floor mops.

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Click to view enlarged...Firstly, measure the width of the door opening, top, middle and bottom. Then the height from top to floor on both sides.  You may need to trim your door to suit.  Only a small amount, less than 3mm (1/8th inch) can be trimmed from each edge of hollowcore doors.  Allow 3mm (1/8th inch) top and both sides, for clearance.  Clearance below the door should allow for floor coverings.

The thickness also needs to be checked.

Click to view enlarged...Lay the door onto the edge where the handle is to be fitted, (Fig 5).

On the opposite edge measure 180mm (7 inches) from top and bottom edges to where the hinges are to be fitted.

Use 8G, 25mm (1 Inch) screws and fit hinges

Stand door in opening using wedges under the door to get correct clearances and mark top and bottom of hinge position.  Then stand the door at an angle to the jamb, using wedges, line hinges with your marks, drill ONE hole in each hinge and insert ONE screw.

Close door and check clearances all-round.  Adjust if necessary by lowering or raising wedges.

You can also make adjustments by using paper or cardboard shims behind the hinges to ensure you door opens and closes correctly.

If fitting a new lock full instructions come with it. However, you may need a hole saw, so check this when purchasing the lock.

The last step is to paint or stain your door. You should check with your supplier on the correct product for your particular situation.

If your door is in an exposed position, you may need to fit a weather seal to the bottom of the door.

Have a cup of tea while you admire your handiwork.

Handy Hint – How to Hang a Timber Door provided by Maroochydore Handyman

If the job looks a bit tough, do not hesitate to contact us.

(Ring me and I will hang it for you for around $65.00)

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