How to build a fire pit in the backyard

This is the best way to build a fire pit in your backyard. See the photo.

You can use old bricks or concrete blocks or the concrete garden edging used for retaining walls. Bluestone blocks are fabulous (very expensive) Start with some stones or gravel as a base about 50mm deep. Use old sleepers as an edge to hold it in place. You could use sand but stones look much better.

Stack the blocks in a circle as big as you want. Then hammer in some metal rods or star pickets about 600mm long on the inside to strenthen the wall. Perhaps about 6 for a pit that is 1200mm across. If you use Mortar Mix and cement the blocks together it will be more stable and last a lot longer.Buy a 15Kg bag from the local hardware store. Mix it in a wheel barrow and simply put some mortar on top of the first row of blocks and lay the second row. Half a block on two blocks below. (staggered in other words) Do the same if you use Capping pavers.

I like the look of the Capping pavers on top of the blocks. You can buy these cheaply. The only problem is they will need to be cut on an angle to butt join them together. Its not difficult, just take your time using an angle grinder and a Diamond Stone cutting blade. There is a formula for working out the angle to cut the pavers. 360 degrees in a circle divided by the number of pavers. Then divided by two.(maybe) Google it first.
The seating can be as simple as a timber sleeper on top of 2 concrete blocks. Better still why not build a couple of benches. Terracotta Garden pots make single seats or two with a timber slab on top. The possibilites are endless. Just remember not too heavy as they need to be moved when the grass needs cutting.

You can buy Fire Grates to sit off the ground on metal legs or on blocks. This lets air under the fire and you will get less smoke.
PS. Invite you neighbours over the first time you light it. Then when it does get smoky the won’t complain. (well, not too much)

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