How to replace Flyscreen Mesh

This handyman hint explains how to replace the mesh in a flyscreen door.

How to replace Flyscreen MeshTo replace the mesh in your flyscreen doors and windows, start by measuring the height then the width of the flyscreen you wish to replace.  You will need a minimum of 75mm to 100mm (3 to 4 inches) extra all round.  Write these measurements down and take them to your local hardware store.  Meshing is sold in widths of 900mm (about 3 feet) and 1200mm (about 4 feet).

When you get home again, remove the screen by lifting and then twisting one corner out, then slide the screen out completely.  Remove the rubber tubing that holds the mesh into the frame by prying up at the join,  pull gently until it comes free. Now you can remove the old mesh and dispose of in the rubbish bin.

Lay the new mesh over the screen door and then push the rubber tubing into the slot at one corner, on the longest side of your screen.  You can purchase a wheel at the hardware store for this job. Alternatively, you can use a small piece of timber dowel or the handle of an old dinner knife with a very blunt blade.  Holding it at an angle to the mesh and apply downward pressure.

Continue down one side until finished.   I find it best to then do the opposite side to the first.  Don’t pull the mesh too tight, as the mesh is tightened as it is forced into the groove by the tubing.  Watch that the mesh is kept straight, that is, the weave in the mesh is parallel to the screen.

Then you can proceed to the top edge and finally the bottom edge; again do not pull the mesh too tight.  Let the tubing do this for you.  Now trim off the excess mesh very CAREFULLY, using a sharp knife.

When you have finished put the screen back into place one corner first then wiggle the screen into place.

Hey, that wasn’t so bad was it?  Remember that practice makes perfect.

Handy Hint – Replace Flyscreen Mesh provided by Maroochydore Handyman

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